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About Us

Meet the leadership team of and find out what we do and, even more importantly, why we do it:

Phillip Esposito – Founding Organizer

Phillip founded out of necessity. As single father committed to being an active participant in the lives of his children and the community they share, Phillip found it difficult to keep a pulse on what was going on in the community – there is so much going on and to sift through all of it could take a whole weekend, leaving little time to actually get out and experience it. He has worked to make this site easily accessible to families in the hopes of helping them make the most of their experience raising civic-minded families who are well informed and able to enjoy all that Houston has to offer.

Melissa Hardy – Community Outreach Coordinator

Melissa is always working the beat, trying to find new and interesting things for families to do in Houston. She loves trying new things and sharing her experiences and opinions with other families. Melissa is tasked with finding the hottest Houston highlights in order to keep local families looped into the many different opportunities available within the city.

Julietta Morris – Family Resource Coordinator

Julietta has a background in k12 education and helps connect families in Houston with academic resources that may help their child reach their fullest potential. With a love of ecology and the science, she is a regular at the Houston Zoo.

Carly Lopez – Early Childhood Advocate

Carly also has a background in education and strives to find valuable opportunities for families with small children to enjoy together. Education starts early and Carly has been a strong force for early childhood education and quality care. Believing that kids should be allowed to experience childhood, one of her favorite places to spend to is the Children’s Museum of Houston – where kids can engage and stretch not just their muscles, but their mental muscles, too.